Operating grants, statements of support and subsidies and other grants

The decision to award operating grants to organisations in Kemijärvi is taken by the City Council or the relevant committee. Operating and general grants are advertised once a year by means of a joint announcement published by the city. The deadline for applications is April 2024.

Event grants are awarded by the City Council. Applications for event grants are open until the end of January each year. Event Grants are advertised once a year in a city advertisement.

Before a grant is awarded, the organisation must provide information on its most recent financial statements, its operating plan for the financial year and its budget.

No contributions, subsidy declarations or similar payments will be made from city funds in 2024.

There are no funds in the 2024 budget for separate grant requests to the City Council/Board, so there is no possibility to award such grants in 2024. Grants under the rules of the Kemijärvi 150th Anniversary Fund will also be awarded in 2024.

The application deadline for the operating grants for the City of Kemijärvi Culture, Sports and Youth Services for 2024 is Friday 26.4.2024 at 15.00.

The Municipal Cultural Activities Act (728/1992) requires the municipality to promote, support and organise cultural activities in the municipality. Cultural activities include the practice and enjoyment of the arts, the provision and use of artistic services, local heritage work and the preservation and promotion of the local cultural heritage. Cultural associations and groups may apply for a general grant for cultural services for the above activities. The grant is awarded on the basis of the association’s activities, its effectiveness, its value for money and the focus of its activities.

1. General grant for cultural associations (for a fee)
2. General grant for sports clubs (for consideration)

Local sports clubs can apply for a general grant for sports services.

Reciprocity: select method 2.1 or 2.2

2.1.Sports clubs applying for a general grant commit to plan and implement sporting events open/targeted to the residents of Kemijärvi together with the sports services. The number of events is linked to the amount of the grant as follows:

  • 1-500 € = 1 transaction
  • 501-1000 € = 2 events
  • 1001 €- = 3 events

2.2 When applying for a general grant, applicants undertake to work as a night watchman at the Sports Hall from Monday to Friday from 16.00 to 20.15 during the period August to May for at least two weeks. Clubs providing evening surveillance will also be remunerated in accordance with the agreement

3. Grants for youth associations and youth action groups

Individuals can also apply for a grant for a specific purpose, provided that the purpose of the grant can be defined as a youth activity.

To receive the general grants, associations, clubs and groups must submit an activity report for 2023, financial statements and audit report, as well as a budget and action plan for 2024, together with the application.

Cultural and recreational services of the city of Kemijärvi

Rector of the Civic Education Centre tel. 040 4842079