Youth work

The main task of the City of Kemijärvi Youth Services is to provide quality youth services for all local children and young people from the third grade to secondary education.

The basic mission of youth services is to support the growth of young people at different stages of their lives. We offer a wide range of activities for young people in their free time. The aim of youth work is to prevent exclusion, promote healthy lifestyles, joy and creativity, develop self-esteem and good social skills, and increase young people’s participation.

We organise open and guided leisure activities for young people, using multi-professional cooperation with different actors. We organise various clubs, camps, excursions and events for young people throughout the year and offer youth facilities for getting together. The target group for youth services is all residents under 29 years of age.

Activities include educational guidance for young people, youth facilities, cultural youth work, youth outreach work, promoting youth participation, preventive youth work, youth councils, support for youth associations and youth action groups, substance abuse prevention, camps, clubs, excursions and events.

Head of Culture and Leisure Services
Heidi Laukkanen 040 484 2079

Specialist and outreach youth worker
Tiina Karppinen 040 197 8445

Youth counsellor
Ari Virkkula 040 595 7647

Youth counsellor
Sini Kokko 040 647 4089

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