Early childhood education and care contact details

You can access the e-application from this link

Head of Early Childhood Education
Haavisto Heidi tel. 040 861 6486
Director of the Jyvälänpuisto day-care centre
Honkanen Senni tel. 040 480 6622
Office Secretary
Kaisanlahti Tarja tel. 040 487 2407
Director of the Särkelä day-care centre
Helisten-Jallow Eija tel. 040 725 1079
Early Years Teacher
Kristiina Lautamo tel. 0400246 735
Deputy Director/steering teacher
Simo Lautamo tel. 040 8275
Early childhood education and care contact details

E-mail address etunimi.sukunimi@kemijarvi.fi

Office services: preferably by phone or email, appointments can be made in advance.

Paper forms can be left in an envelope in the mailbox in the copy room opposite the Chief’s office between 9.00 and 15.00, either to Tarja Kaisanlahti or Heidi Haavisto.

Early Childhood Education Office Vapaudenkatu 8 B 3. krs