Kemijärvi Community College study guide

Study Guide describes the courses and activites offered by the school. The study guide is distributed to households in Savukoski, Pelkosenniemi and Kemijärvi before the beginning of the academic year.

Study Guide is published annually in August. In the guide, we announce the courses that are known at the time the guide is published.

In the printed study guide, you will find the same instructions for enrolling, cancelling and withdrawing from a course as on our website for information about studying.

Course announcements

The content of the study guide consists of the course announcements for the courses offered during the academic year. The announcements are organised in the guide by course category. The Kemijärvi Community College offers courses in areas such as Music, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Crafts, Languages, History, Culture, Literature, Information Technology, Health, Home Economics, Physical Education.

Each year, the course offering includes both familiar courses that have become traditional and new ones. We welcome course requests and suggestions.

The course announcement will tell you when the course will take place, where the classes will be held. Other important information includes the course price, other course fees and charges such as material fees, the name of the teacher and the closing date for registration. This information will help you plan your timetable. We will provide more information about the courses and help you find the right course for you.

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Information channels

In addition to the Civic Education Centre’s Study Guide, information about the courses is provided through several other channels. Up-to-date information on courses can be found in the Kemijärven Civic Education Centre’s Course Shop (link ) Other channels include:

Instagram Pages

as well as the Kemijärvi Library notice board, Events Lapland – online events calendar, and the Savukoski and Pelkosenniemi notice boards and events calendars.

Students will be notified of course changes directly by SMS.

Discounts and vouchers

UNEMPLOYMENT DISCOUNT: Unemployed persons receiving labour market benefit or basic daily allowance and persons receiving Kela home care benefit receive a 50% discount on the course by presenting the latest benefit statement to the office. Unemployment or home care allowance must be valid at the start of the course.

FAMILY DISCOUNT: One student from the same household pays the full course fee and the other students from the same household pay half the course fee.

STUDY Voucher Allowance: the value of the voucher is €12 and you can apply if you belong to one of the following groups: pensioners, people over 63, people with low basic education, immigrants, unemployed people and people with learning difficulties.

Entitlement to discounts must be proven on request. Grants are not available for weekend courses. Voucher grants are awarded within the annual budget.

Certificates and credits

Regular participants will receive a certificate of attendance on request. The attendance certificate for the current academic year is free of charge. A processing fee of €5 is charged for certificates from previous years and €10 for certificates from several years.

If the course is competency-based, you have the opportunity to receive a certificate of achievement with an assessment. Please inform the course teacher of your wish to receive a credit note and assessment before the start of the course. The certificates are stored in the Koski database.

Enrolment to courses is easy

You can register for courses in three ways

  • The most convenient way to enrol is through the College’s own COURSE SHOP
  • You can also call us and register by phone on 040 845 4166
  • Or visit our office during opening hours Mon-Thu 9.00-11.00 and 13.00-15.00.

Please note that we cannot accept registrations by email, SMS or voicemail. So please use the above methods!

When course registration opens in autumn, the office and the phones are busy. During this time, the entire staff is available to take course registrations at the numbers:

Office 040 845 4166
Jukka Haavisto 040 822 9325
Heli Björkman 040 193 3968
Pirjo Korkalainen 040 185 8952

Academic year calendar 2023-2024

Autumn semester 4.9. – 3.12.2023
Autumn holidays (week 42)16.10. – 22.10.2023
Spring semester8.1. – 30.4.2024
Skiing holiday (week 10)4.3.- 10.3.2024
Easter 28.3. – 1.4.2024
Summer semester1.5.-31.7.2024
Community College academic year calendar 2023-2024

There are no lessons on public holidays or on the eve of public holidays (Pascha, May Day, Ascension Day). Most courses in the autumn semester start in week 36 (week beginning 2.9.2024).

Year 2024 – 2025 calendar

Autumn semester2.9. – 5.12.2024
Autumn holidays (week 42)14.10. – 20.10.2024
Spring semester7.1. – 30.4.2025
Skiing holiday (week 10)3.3.- 9.3.2025
Easter18.4. – 21.4.2025
Summer semester1.5.-31.7.2025
Year 2024 – 2025 calendar of the Community college

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