Youth outreach

Youth outreach

Youth outreach work in Kemijärvi is for all young people aged 13-28. The task of youth work is to find the right means and agencies to support young people in the various complexities of life. The values of youth work include volunteering, trust and respect.

For what situation?

  • If the young person needs support with everyday life and life management
  • If the young person does not have a job or study place
  • If the young person is leaving their studies or job
  • If the young person needs support to start military service or if the service is interrupted

Who can be contacted?

  • The young themselves
  • Parents
  • School staff
  • Public authorities (e.g. Kela, social services, police, armed forces)
  • Related person


  • Municipal employment experiment, social services, social security, social insurance, primary school, secondary education, mental health and substance abuse services, basic youth work, etc. services needed by young people.

We use the PAR system to register all young people who have been reported to youth outreach and who are in receipt of youth outreach help and support.

Examples of our work:

  • go with you to agencies, schools and the services you need
  • help you fill in forms and applications
  • helping young people to manage their lives and everyday life (including at home)
  • we do nepsy- coaching
  • parents are an important partner in helping young people who are minors

Youth Act in youth work

Outreach youth work takes place on Mondays at the youth shelter Kämpä:
Cafe Cappuccino, a café for young people aged 16-29. The café offers young people help, services and information in one place. The café has become part of the Kemijärvi youth service package. The focus is on activities that promote young people’s inclusion and empowerment.

The café is open on Mondays from 15-19.The café is a place to play everything from board games to billiards, discuss hot topics, hang out and enjoy coffee/juice and snacks provided by the café.

Contact us:

Outreach youth worker
Tiina Karppinen, 040 197 8445