Rules, policies and plans

General administration
Charges for the redemption of documents and fees for their transmission
Administrative rules
Procurement guidelines
Welfare Report 2021-2025
Hyvinvointisuunnitelma 2024-2025
Waste management regulations
Treating damp and mould damage in your property
Group guidelines
Group Ownership policies
Integration Programme 2023-2025
Land Policy Programme 2023-2025
Consideration of Olympic and world championship medallists
Building regulations
Guidance on internal control and risk management
Goal order
Guidelines for rewarding athletes
Principles of use of the coat of arms
Communication programme
City of Friendship Programme
Urban Strategy and Operational Programme 2021-2023
Safety plan for the Kemijärvi tourist area
City of Kemijärvi Vitality Programme 2021-2025
Financial management
Inventory and removal of movable property
Rules of the Kemijärvi 150 Celebratory Fund
Regulations and instructions supplementing financial management
Personnel management
Start-up business
Vitality through well-being at work The Elvi operating model
Code of conduct on ill-treatment and harassment
Personnel management policy
Human resources policy
Personal insurance
Guidelines for the application of the training agreement
Holiday pay in exchange for time off/local agreement
Marking day rule
Negotiation procedure in staff matters
Substance abuse programme
What to do if you fall ill
Occupational health and safety action plan 2023-2025
Principles for granting leave and leave from work
Leave by rotation