Early childhood education and care projects

Senni Honkanen on the left, Katri-Anna Kokkonen in the back and Annica Åberg on the right

Ongoing projects:

Special government grant to offset the effects of the interest rate epidemic for 2023-2024

Annica Åberg started on 1.3.23 as a rotating special needs nanny in early childhood education. The aim of the project for the period 2023-2024 is to compensate for the effects of the early years on children’s social and interaction skills.

Annica regularly visits the Jyvälänpuisto and Särkelä kindergartens, working with the children alongside the group’s own adults. As an additional resource, Annica has time to meet children and support play, for example.

Special government grant to support the implementation of the digital quality control system Valsi for 2023-2024

Katri-Anna Kokkonen started on 1.3.23 as project coordinator of the Valssi project. The project aims to implement the digital quality assessment system Valssi in the municipalities of Kemijärvi, Savukoski and Pelkosenniemi in 2023-2024.

In spring 2023, information on the quality of early childhood education and care was collected through a staff survey, child quality assessments (drawing, interviews, assessment game) and a survey of carers of 5-6 year olds. These were used to select areas for improvement for the period 2023-2024.

The Valssi system will be introduced during the 2023-2024 period. The aim of the project is to train staff and frontline staff in the use of the system and to create an evaluation and development process suitable for Kemijärvi.

Government special grant for the development of special education and intercultural education for 2023-2024

Kemijärvi Early Childhood Education received a grant of 25 000 euros for the development of special education and intercultural education for the period 2023-2024. This money will be used as part of the VALO teacher’s salary.

VALO teacher Katja Piirainen supports Finnish language learning and integration into Finnish society, without forgetting the importance of the child’s own mother tongue and culture.

Past projects:

Government special grant to reform the promotion of support under the Early Childhood Education and Care Act 2022-2023

Senni Honkanen worked in different groups in day care centres to develop methods of support for children. The project ended at the end of July 2023. Senni has been touring all the city’s kindergarten groups, guiding them in the use of different support methods. In addition, Senni has produced materials for the day care centres, together with the teams and the special teacher for early childhood education.

The project also aimed to bring support to families of children in early childhood education. For example, Senni was involved in the development of the child’s early childhood education plan and met with carers individually to discuss child support issues.