Kemijärvi Cultural Centre

Kemijärvi Cultural Centre

The Kemijärvi Cultural Centre is located in the city centre, on the shores of the beautiful Lake Pöyliöjärvi. It is adjacent to the North-East Lapland Music Institute. The beach and camping area are in the immediate vicinity.

The cultural centre covers an area of 2460 m². Under its white gabled roof you will find

  • City Library
  • youth facilities
  • Youth Office
  • cultural hall
  • cultural office
  • on-demand café
  • exhibition space

The 200-seat hall of the Cultural Centre is a performance arena for various art forms; music, film, dance and theatre, as well as an education, meeting and party space.

In the lobby and the hall of the Cultural Centre, you will find visual arts, with exhibitions changing every month.

In front of the house is a sculpture by the Dutch sculptor Lucien den Arend, “The Arctic Circle Opening”, and several sculptural sculptures made in the weeks of the sculpture.

The premises of the Cultural Centre are available for rent to communities and associations.


Cultural Producer Sanna Saarikettu
040 537 3491

Visiting address: Hietaniemenkatu 5 98100 Kemijärvi
Postal address: City of Kemijärvi, Cultural Services P.O. Box 5, 98101 Kemijärvi

Cultural grants:

Culture Producer Sanna Saarikettu 040 537 3491

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