Youth Council

The Youth Council is a non-partisan and non-religious group of young people who are active in the municipality and the welfare area, promoting the interests of local young people.

According to Article 26 of the Municipalities Act, municipalities must set up a youth council to ensure young people’s opportunities to participate and influence. Youth councils must be given the opportunity to influence the planning, preparation, implementation and monitoring of all municipal activities.

Representatives of the Youth Council sit on the Committees for the Future and the Living Environment.

Kemijärvi Youth Council 08/ 2023 – 05/2025

  • Pasma Miikka, Chairman
  • Flink Angela, Vice President.
  • Halonen Viia, Secretary
  • Uutela Matias, Deputy Secretary
MemberAlternate member
Pasma MiikkaLeinonen Tiina (Hillatie)
Uutela MatiasKelloniemi Emilia (Hillatie)
Kaisanlahti AnttonParkkima Emma (Hillatie)
Halonen ViiaMakkonen Emilia (Hillatie)
Eemeli KehusmaaAngela Flink (Redu)
Karppinen Tiinaexpert member
Members of the Kemijärvi City Youth Council

Viia Halonen represents the Youth Council on the Future Committee, with Miikka Pasma as an alternate.
Emilia Makkonen represents the Youth Council on the Board of Vitality, with Angela Flink as alternate.

Viia Halonen represents Kemijärvi in the Youth Council of the Wellbeing Region of Lapland.