Jyvälänpuisto day care centre

Jyvälänpuisto day care centre

Jyvälänpuisto day care groups are open on weekdays from 6.30-18.00. In addition, Jyvälänpuisto also offers day care in the evenings, at night and on weekends (Day care policy). There are seven groups of children in the day care centre and one pre-school group in the nearby Jääsköntien module for the 2023-2024 period, which is used by the 1st grade.

Address: Värjärintie 4 98100 Kemijärvi
Director of the day-care centre
Senni Honkanen (from 1.8.23) tel. 040 480 6622 senni.honkanen@kemijarvi.fi

Deputy Director/steering teacher
Simo Lautamo tel. 040 827 5961 simo.lautamo@kemijarvi.fi
Särkelä and Jyvälänpuisto kindergartens

Early Years Teacher
Anu Kiviniemi tel. 0400246 735 anu.kiviniemi@kemijarvi.fi
Särkelä and Jyvälänpuisto kindergartens

Contact details of the groups

Swallows (under 3 years old)
040 588 7789
Finches (3-5 years old)
040 632 5317
Cuckoos (1-5 years old)
040 588 7789
Finches (3-5 years old)
040 632 5317
Hippopotamus (day care for children under 3 years old)
040 196 0435
Blue tits (1-5 years old)
040 572 0282
Thumbs (day care for children over 3 years old)
040 547 4501
Tents (pre-school group, Ice Road Module)
040 480 7306
Pre-school teacher for tents
Mira Suopanki 040 759 5764

Notification of hours of treatment

Early Childhood Education and Care uses the eAccessibility website to report childcare hours. Booking childcare hours helps the carer to monitor the number of hours booked and the actual hours used. Electronic booking of childcare hours (pdf)

The nursery staff can see in their own system the hours booked by the carers and therefore know when each child is present. These times must be entered on the eAccessibility website by 12.00 on the Wednesday of the previous week.