Library Kemijärvi collection

The Kemijärvi collection consists of slides, books, magazines, newspaper clippings, newspaper boxes, videos, recordings and other small items. The local history collection is constantly updated through purchases, donations and articles collected from newspapers. Articles from local newspapers have not been indexed since 2012, but articles can be searched on or

The Kemijärvi collection is only available during library service hours, not during self-service hours. Researchers can obtain special privileges to use the space.

AV material

The audio and video recordings are made by the people of Kemijärvi. The recordings are available in dvd, vhs, cd, c-cassette, single and lp formats.


Building heritage in Kemijärvi (32 slides). Photos of buildings and statues.
Construction work on the Kemijärvi Culture and Library building October 1986 (26 slides)
History of Kemijärvi. Photos of old buildings (52 slides). Donation by Kotikiekerö.

Books from

The collection includes fiction and non-fiction written by or about Kemijärvi. The collection is arranged by subject according to the General Decimal Classification.


The card is a thematic reference card, mainly referring to the local newspaper, which contains an article about Kemijärvi. The collection was discontinued in 2012.

The wooden cardboard box contains references to articles from non-local newspapers and references to posters. The posters can be found in a large card drawer in the warehouse.


The newspaper boxes contain magazines, advertisements, activity and annual reports published in Kemijärvi.

Magazine clippings

The articles about Kemijärvi that were clipped from Lapin Kanska have been collected in a folder according to the topic. The collection of newspaper clippings started in 1970. The content/topic is written on the back of the folder. Local newspapers have not been clipped as they have been archived uncut. Some folders are numbered and some topics have their own topic folders.

Numbered clipping folders by subject. Numbering continues downwards if there are several folders on the same subject (1.1, 1.2…)

  • Kemijärvi
  • Schools
  • Culture
  • Municipal life
  • Organic farming: agriculture, forestry, fishing, reindeer husbandry, fur farming, hunting and game farming
  • Tourism
  • Youth, sober-living and organisational activities
  • Parish
  • Economic life
  • Sport
  • Economic life: Businesses
  • Sokli
  • Leaks
  • Lapland
  • Twinning
  • Leisure activities

My topic folders
Newspaper articles/poems written by Kemijärvi residents. No longer updated.

  • Painters from Kemijärvi: Aarre Hamara, Maija Kellokumpu, J.K. Kyyhkynen, Vilho Leskelä, Uuno Särkelä, Pentti Tulla
  • Memoirs of J.K. Kyyhkyne (1944-1997), compiled by A. Kyyhkynen, donated by S. Kyyhkynen
  • Kemijärvi Library (1-8)
  • Kemijärvi Train Mission
  • Mass movement in Kemijärvi
  • Kemijärvi biorefinery
  • Mining in Kärväsvaara and Raajärvi
  • Newspaper articles about Kaarlo E. Glue

Local newspapers
Leaves are either bound in binders or in boxes or microfilms.

  • Koillis-Lappi 1957-2012
  • Viikonloppu 1983-1985
  • Uusi viikonloppu 1985-1986
  • Itä-Lappi 1986-1992
  • Kotikymppi 1993-2012
  • Koilliset 22.4.1993-4.3.1994
  • Koillis-Kaira 1998-19.6.2005
  • Koti-Lappi 2012-
  • Mikrofilmit Koillis-Lappi 24.5.1957–31.8.1976 ja
  • Koiviston sukukirjat ovat Mediatilassa mikrofilmilukulaitteen vieressä.