Kemijärvi sports services

Illustration of the Kemijärvi sports services.

Sports services – Moving Kemijärvi

The city of Kemijärvi and its surroundings offer a great setting for a wide range of sports activities without traffic jams, all year round!

Indoor sports facilities in the city centre include the Poukama spa and swimming pool, the Wirta Arena ice rink, the sports hall and the Hillatie school sports hall. Gyms can be found in the swimming pool and the sports hall.

For lovers of outdoor and nature sports, Kemijärvi and the surrounding area is a paradise! The Pöyliövaara recreation area, the Peurakankaan ski runs, the walking trails in the city centre and the upcoming new hybrid hiking trail around Lake Pöyliöjärvi are all close to the city centre. The numerous dunes and lakes surrounding Kemijärvi offer a world-class nature experience, and within an hour’s drive there are five ski resorts and four national parks!


Contact persons and contact details for the Sports Department:

Sports instructor:
Pekka Makkonen
0400 204 211
Recreational instructor:
Juuso Lahtela, swimming instructor / sports adviser
040 186 5471
Sports advisor:
Oona Misikangas (project worker)
040 168 2313
Swimming supervisors:
Hannu Hietanen, swimming instructor-coach
040 743 5770
Physical education instructor for special groups:
Anne-Mari Puustelli
040 776 9409
Contact persons and information for the Sports Department


The sports services offices can be found in

Sports hall
Särkeläntie 8-10
98120 Kemijärvi
Swimming pool from Poukama
Värjärintie 6
98100 Kemijärvi

For all matters related to the swimming and sports hall, please call on weekdays 08.00-16.00 tel. 0400 204 211
Evening supervisor at the sports hall on weekdays from 16.00 to 20.00 p. 040 776 9489
Technical services are responsible for the maintenance of the outdoor and sports areas tel. 040 544 8015


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