Primary education

Hillatien School

Hillatie School

Hillatie School, located in the city centre, is the only primary school in Kemijärvi. The school opposite the main building is a slice school, where first grade classes, Jopo and morning and afternoon activities take place. The main building also houses the Kemijärvi upper secondary school.

School events: communication is mainly done through Wilma, but general and wider events are also announced in the school events calendar.

General information about school work working days during the school year, absences, guidelines for applying for absences

Learning support tutoring, special education, small groups, resource teacher, Jopo-teaching

Student welfare welfare team, curatorial and psychological services, health care, early intervention in cases of absenteeism and its causes, school meals


Support for learning Home-school cooperation (parent council), dealing with bullying, student councils, tutoring, peer support, mentoring and staff teams

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Morning and afternoon activities