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Kemijärvi Employment Services operate as part of the City of Kemijärvi’s Vitality Services. Our aim of is to guide job seekers towards working life with support. What is your next step?

Kemijärvi participates in the municipal employment experiment, which will be organised nationwide from 1.3 2021 to 31.12 2024

Illustration of the national employment experiment.

In the Employment Municipalities Experiment, some of the TE Office’s tasks relating to certain client groups will be transferred by legislation to the municipality participating in the Employment Municipalities Experiment.

The national aim of the municipal employment trials is to promote the employment of unemployed jobseekers and their access to training and services more effectively and to create new solutions for the availability of skilled labour.

The clients of the pilot area are unemployed jobseekers, jobseekers in employment and jobseekers in employment promotion services whose municipality of residence is Kemijärvi and who do not meet the conditions for receiving income support or are under 30 years of age, immigrants or foreign-language speakers.

Unemployed jobseekers and jobseekers in employment services will be automatically referred to the pilot areas.

Being referred to the municipality means that the TE Office informs the jobseeker that the municipality of his or her residence will be responsible for providing TE services to him or her.

The unit is used to organise

  • Wage subsidies
  • Rehabilitative work activities
  • Work trial
  • Summer jobs for schoolchildren and students in the city

The unit is staffed by a social worker for working-age people, a social counsellor and a nurse, who are involved in the clients’ processes when necessary.

The unit offers a comprehensive health check to all unemployed people.
To book an appointment, call 040 1207599

Visiting address by appointment Kirkkokatu 16, 3 krs 98100 Kemijärvi

Postal address
City of Kemijärvi Vitality Services / Employment Services
Kirkkokatu 16, 3 krs 98100 Kemijärvi

General advice service for personal customers The general advice service for personal customers provides answers to questions relating to employment, dealing with TE services and the use of online services, as well as further guidance to other services suitable for you, if necessary.

The helpline is available on 0295 025 500

The helpline is open Monday to Friday from 9-16.15. The price of the call is based on your subscription (mobile or local rate). There is also a charge for waiting time.

Unemployment advice

Unemployment security advice is a national advice service provided by the TE services, where you can get answers to questions related to unemployment security.

The telephone number of the Unemployment Insurance Advisory Service is 0295 020 701

The helpline is open Monday to Friday from 9-16.15. The price of the call is based on your subscription (mobile or local rate). There is also a charge for waiting time.

Contact details for employment services experts

Employment expert
Savukoski Riitta 040 704 7640
Customer service
Kivelä Outi 029 503 9581
Job Planner
Hietajärvi Outi 040 196 4158
Social worker
Johanna Laine 040 538 4704
Customer service
Similä Jenni 029 503 9596
Health nurse
Johanna Löf 040 120 7599
Pregnancy clinic Sairaalakatu 9
Kemijärvi Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 9-15