Projects and initiatives

Development project activities

Development project activities are used to develop the activities of different areas of the City of Kemijärvi. The broad and active project activities are multidisciplinary and diverse.

Future Services’ project activities are currently focused on project opportunities offered by the Finnish National Board of Education, the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Regional State Administrative Agencies.

Projects currently underway in the education services focus on promoting educational equality and equity in primary education, developing learning support and special education in upper secondary schools, supporting the school careers of young Ukrainians studying in upper secondary schools and organising school clubs for primary school pupils.

In early childhood education services, current projects focus on the introduction of the digital quality assessment system Valsi and the development of special education and intercultural education in the early childhood education services of the city of Kemijärvi. In addition, the early childhood education services have received project grants to promote educational equality and equity in early childhood education and pre-primary education.

The current project activities of the Culture and Leisure Services focus on organising youth outreach work, leisure clubs and camps, and developing organ playing and music theory teaching.

For more information on projects, please contact the managers responsible:

Education services:Marika Annala, Rector of Basic Education and Upper Secondary School 0405891342

Early Childhood Services: Head of Early Childhood Education Heidi Haavisto 0408616486

Cultural and leisure services: the Director of the Civic Education Centre, Heidi Laukkanen 0404842079