Management team

City of Kemijärvi Management Team

The Mayor, the Director of Administration, the Director of Vitality, the Director of the Future, the Director of Environmental Health, the Director of the Business Enterprise and the Director of Finance and Development form a management team whose task is to develop and support the overall management of the city in accordance with the city’s strategy and the administrative regulations (Administrative Regulations § 2).

Mayor Marjo Säärelä (Acting Mayor from 1.11.2023)

Administrative Director Marjo Säärelä (on leave of absence from the post of Administrative Director) Tuula Kuvaja, Deputy Administrative Director (temporary post from 1.11.2023)

Director of Vitality Anne Karppinen Tel. 040 865 8501

Ilpo Tervonen (Acting Director) Tel. 040 624 5300

Hanna Nurmi, Director of Environmental Health Tel. 0400 392 136

Esa Pöyliö, Managing Director of the business establishment Tel. 040 610 9738

Director of Finance and Development, Deputy Director of Administration Tuula Kuvaja Tel. 040 730 0236