Library fees

Only mobile or debit card payments are accepted at the library.

Late fees

Return your loan during library opening hours, no later than the due date. If you do not return on time, you will be charged late fees.

  • 1. note for overdue material is €2 (starts 3 days after the due date if there is no reservation for the work – if there is a reservation, payment starts immediately on the day after the return date).
  • 2. a note for overdue material is €3 (sent 14 days after the due date)

Unclaimed reservation 2 € (the reservation has not been claimed within 7 days of its arrival at the library)

Remote loan charges

  • Interlibrary loan fee 2 € from OUTI Libraries and the Repository Library
  • Interlibrary loan fee from other libraries of at least €7 or the fee charged by the sending library
  • NOTE: Internal reservations, loans and returns are free of charge.

Invoiced material

  • a surcharge of €5 (fee from the library system)

After two late notifications, you will receive an invoice. The invoice will show the outstanding material, its price and the billing fee. Once you receive the invoice, you have options:

  • return billed material to the library and pay any remaining late fees and billing charges
  • pay the invoice and the material remains your property. That settles it.

The unpaid invoice is passed to the collection agency. The invoice sent by the collection agency must be paid with the invoice, it cannot be paid to the library. You can no longer return material for which the collection agency has sent an invoice, as the material has already been removed at this stage. You can donate the material to the library, but the donation will not reduce the amount of the collection agency’s invoice.

In the case of deteriorated / lost material, the library will investigate the matter on a case-by-case basis. The general rule is that the price of the material is determined by its age, and is at least 50% of the purchase price. DVD/Bluray max 40 €.

You will be banned from borrowing if you have €10 or more in outstanding payments (in which case you must pay the full amount to get your borrowing right back).

Library card

The 1st card is free, the 2nd card costs €3.

Copy and printing charges

Assisted copying and printing from client terminals
A4 black and white 0,50 €
A3 black and white 1,00 €
A4 full colour 1,00 €
A3 full colour 2,00 €
A4 on colour paper 1,50 €

If you use your own paper, the price per copy is halved.
Scanning is free of charge.


A4-A6 0,50 €
A3 1,00 €

Other payments

Lapland Library logo tote bag 5 €.
Library keyring 3 €.

Meeting and training room: media room

The use of the meeting and training room is free of charge for associations in Kemijärvi.
1-4 hours 20 €/hour
4-11 hours 135 €

The valid VAT percentage will be added to the price.