Forms and application

Environmental protection

Non-industrial recovery of concrete and brick waste Recovery of less than 500 t per batch

Application to land a disused oil tank

Application for a permit to organise an off-road competition or practice with a motorised vehicle

Application for exemption from the obligation to connect to the water supply and sewerage system of a water supply undertaking

Training services

Enrolment for morning and evening activities – form

City of Kemijärvi Rented Houses

Application for housing Annexes to the application

Notice of resignation

Disturbance notification

Event grants

Every year in February, the City of Kemijärvi grants funding for events organised in Kemijärvi. Event grants are awarded on the basis of applications.

Event Grant Application

Operating and general grants

Operating and general grants are advertised once a year in a joint notice published by the city. The deadline for applications is April.

Culture and Sport Services: general grant for a club or association Application form

Youth services: grant application form for a club or association

Application for the Leadership Fund

Applications for scholarships and grants for the above purposes can be made throughout the year and must be submitted by the end of November each year. More information 150 Jubilee Fund

150 management fund application