Summer sports

An illustration of summer sports.

In summer, Kemijärvi inspires you to get out and about in nature!

Easy access to sports facilities from the city centre includes:

– Walking routes in the city centre
– Ahvensalmi sports area

  • Skateboard park
  • Fitness area
  • Senior Park
  • Children’s playground

– Hillatie school yard

  • Basket and football
  • Various types of climbing frames

– Hietaniemi frisbee golf course (in the centre)
– Downtown beach

  • Beach volley court

– Pöyliövaara recreation area and sports field

  • Athletics and football field
  • Fitness ladder
  • 18-hole fresbee golf course
  • Dirt tracks / walking trails
  • Place of fire

– Lake Pöyliöjärvi hybrid route
– Paddling in Lake Pöyliö and Lake Kemijärvi
– Various climbing facilities

As a local speciality, there is also a water diving hill next to the central beach. The hill was built for summer training for freestyle skiers and can only be used under supervised conditions.

Suomutunturi area

  • Cycling routes 55 km
  • Hiking trails 30 km
  • 55 km of waterways