Purchase invoices

City purchase invoices

The municipality operates on the basis of a public-friendly administration. Municipal documents, including purchase invoices, are in principle public, unless the municipality has a legal obligation to keep the document secret. These reasons can be found in the law on the publicity of official acts: http://www.finlex.fi/fi/laki/ajantasa/1999/19990621

The vast majority of municipal expenditure is on purchases from other parties. Purchases can be, for example, the purchase of goods or services. The municipality itself is a public body, financed mainly through taxes and state contributions. The municipality operates on the basis of publicity. The opening of purchase invoices is intended to increase the transparency of municipal activities and thus strengthen local democracy. Publication is also part of the municipality’s internal control system, and reinforces that municipal purchases are carried out in accordance with regulations and legislation.

The materials include the purchases of goods and services, investments, equipment and furniture and rentals of the City of Kemijärvi and Kemijärven Tilapalvelut Liikelaitos in 2021. Payments made to individuals and businesses have been excluded from the purchase invoice data on the basis of data protection legislation. The data are published four times a year.

The data set contains the following fields:

  • Municipality code: 320
  • Name of municipality: city of Kemijärvi
  • Business ID: 0191717-9
  • Document number: document number from the accounting software
  • Supplier name: name of the company, association or other type of supplier
  • Supplier’s business ID: supplier’s business ID/ foreign company VAT number/ registered association registration number
  • Net amount of the line: the proportion of the total purchase invoice amount, excluding VAT, recorded on the account concerned. Debit invoices appear in the data as positive values. Negative values indicate that the invoice is a credit invoice.
  • Effective date: the actual date of the accounts
  • Account number: accounting account number
  • Account name: name corresponding to the account number
  • Service category: category number according to Statistics Finland’s classification of services
  • Gross amount of the row: the part recorded in the account concerned, including the amount net of tax and the VAT amount
  • Line VAT amount: the amount of VAT included in the purchase invoice, calculated on the proportion entered in the account concerned

Further information and requests for information: kirjaamo@kemijarvi.fi

The city’s purchase invoices are available as open data on the avoindata.fi portal.