Rural services

The City of Kemijärvi is the responsible municipality in the Eastern Lapland Co-operation Area (YTA) of the Rural Administration, which includes Pelkosenniemi, Salla and Savukoski.

As a rule, rural affairs in Pelkosenniemi are handled from Kemijärvi. Salla and Savukoski have their own officials. We have a cooperation agreement with Sodankylä.

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The primary role of a co-operative area is to act as a rural authority for its territory.

The tasks are governed by the Act on the organisation of rural administration in municipalities 210/2010 and EU regulations. These tasks can therefore be divided into two main categories, those arising from national legislation and those imposed by the EU on its member states in the implementation of the CAP.

Finland has a three-tier rural administration, consisting of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Energy and Rural Development Departments of the ELY Centres and the Co-operation Areas.

The Co-operation Area provides local rural administration services and is, among other things, the paying authority for agricultural subsidies and compensation in its area.

In addition to these, the officials of the Eastern Lapland JPA have tasks assigned by their own municipality, the most important of which is the promotion of rural industries, including the financing of rural enterprises,
generational changes in rural enterprises and the development funding from the Rural Development Fund.

In Kemijärvi, the Rural Secretary’s job description also includes the tasks of the Village Ombudsman, including operating grants for villages and village development projects.

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