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With just under 7,000 inhabitants, it’s easy to live a pleasantly busy, uncomplicated daily life in the city. Kemijärvi offers excellent recreational opportunities for the whole family beyond the great outdoors, from a swimming pool and ice rink to a cultural centre and music academy. You can also study for a university degree or for a profession.

If for some reason you need to visit the south, you can easily get to Helsinki and back by direct train. But you won’t necessarily need a car when you live here, as the small town centre is within walking distance of a wide range of services. But if you do drive, your commute or shopping trips won’t be bothered by traffic jams.

Quality of life is also improved by the fact that in Kemijärvi, not everything you earn goes to housing, but you also have money to live on – and yet it is possible to live here more sparsely than in congested Finland, in a home with good broadband, of course.

A life full of happiness now on offer.

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