Youth space Kämppä

The Youth Hostel is a meeting place for all young people, from third graders to 20-year-olds. It’s a safe place to spend your free time meeting friends and doing activities.

At the cabin you can

  • test VR glasses
  • play board games, Wii, PS4, Xbox and PS5
  • listen to music, use computers
  • take part in clubs in the dormitory
  • play pool or ping pong
  • play music in a band room
  • spend time chatting with friends or tutors

Opening hours:

Tuesday 13.00-18.00
Wednesday 13.00-18.00
Thursday 13.00-18.00
Friday 13.00-19.00

Exceptions will be announced on social media channels and on a notice at the front door.

Development, planning and implementation of basic youth work activities:

Special Youth Worker Tiina Karppinen
p. 040 197 8445

Youth work and youth shelter in a hut:
Youth Counsellor Ari Virkkula
p. 040 595 7647

Youth Farm Kämppä on social media: