Register of affiliations

The declaration of affiliation is made to the Board of Control, which monitors compliance with the obligation to declare and forwards the declarations to the Council of Governors for information. The Board of Auditors may, if necessary, request the person responsible to make a new declaration or to complete an existing declaration.

Obligation to declare interests

According to Section 84 of the Local Government Act, a person of trust or official of a municipality must make a declaration of interests in his or her management positions and positions of trust in business enterprises and other associations, his or her significant assets and other interests that may be relevant in the performance of trust and official duties.

The person required to report is also obliged to report changes in his or her affiliations on his or her own initiative and to correct incorrect information.

The parties required to notify are

  • members and deputy members of the city council, chairman
  • the chairman and vice-chairmen of the city council
  • the chairmen and vice-chairmen of the committees and the rapporteurs (Future and Environmental Health Committees)
  • the members and deputy members of the body responsible for the tasks specified in the Land Use and Building Act (the Economic Development Board)
  • the chairman and vice-chairman of the central election committee and the rapporteur
  • Mayor

Register of affiliations

The parties responsible for the declaration can declare and update their affiliations on the service.

The Audit Board is responsible for publishing the public information in the register of affiliations on the City’s website. At the beginning of each council term, the Audit Board requests a declaration of interests from all those required to make a declaration and submits it to the council for information. During the council term, the Audit Board submits updated declarations of interest to the council 1-2 times a year.

The person in charge of the new service is Merja Maijala, Secretary of the Audit Board, 040 834 3849.

Register Description for the Liaison Service

Link to affiliation declarations

Self-service form for making change requests to persons in the register of affiliations