Museums in Kemijärvi

Kemijärvi Local History Museum

Address: Sepänkatu 4, 98120 Kemijärvi

040 503 9591 or 0400 221 043

A mid-sized farmhouse from the 1700s, located on its original site. In addition to the main building, the museum grounds include a barn, stable, outbuildings, paddock, smoke sauna and barn. The house is also known as the ‘blacksmith’s house’ because in the Särkelä family, which owned the house, the blacksmith’s trade was passed down from father to son for six generations.

The museum’s artefacts illustrate Kemijärvi’s traditional livelihoods at the turn of the 1800s and 1900s: cattle-intensive agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting and reindeer husbandry. Since 1972, the museum has been owned and run by the Kemijärven Kotikiekerö Association, a local history association.

The museum has about 3000 objects and about 1500 photographs, which have been donated by local people.

Kemijärvi Local History Museum – A website maintained by Kotikiekerö ry

Kemijärvi Local History Museum – website maintained by the city of Kemijärvi

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