City Government

Kemijärvi City Council

According to the Municipal Act, the City Council is responsible for the administration and financial management of the city and for preparing, implementing and monitoring the legality of the Council’s decisions.

The City Council oversees the interests of the City and, unless otherwise provided, represents the City and exercises its powers of speech. The City Council is also responsible for promoting the economy, managing employment and promoting the general interest.

The City Council consists of seven members and is attended by the President of the Council. The Board meets at the Town Hall in the Town Council meeting room on the 2nd and 4th working Monday of the month and when necessary.

City Council meetings are not open to the public. Agendas are published on the Internet and minutes are published immediately after the minutes have been checked.

Members of the City Council 2023-2025

Tapio Juhani KESK
040 152 8147
Alternate member: Palojärvi Jarmo
First Vice-Chair
Alatalo Paula, True Finns
Alternate member: Kalliokoski Tuomas
II Vice-Chairman
Harju Markku, SDP
Alternate member: Honkanen Senni
Kerkelä Teija, Centre Party
Alternate member: Välikangas Sanna
Majava Ahti, from the Future of Kemijärvi community
Alternate member: Hannaliisa Sutinen
Ojala Kirsti, Left Alliance
Alternate member: Kinnunen Riitta
Torvinen Matti, Member of the Future Kemijärvi Community List
Alternate member: Jukka Kortelainen
Kemijärvi City Council 2023-2025

In accordance with § 23 of the Administrative Statute of the City of Kemijärvi, the City Board is responsible for the management of the City and for the tasks provided for in the Municipal Act.

The duties of the City Council with regard to internal control and risk management are laid down in Article 81 of the Administrative Regulation.