Open calls for tender

Open calls for tenders in Kemijärvi

All calls for tenders of the City of Kemijärvi in accordance with the Procurement Act are published on this page in addition to the Hilma service. You can either print or save the tender documents you need on your computer. Attach the required annexes to the tender in accordance with the invitation to tender and deliver the documents to the address indicated in the invitation to tender.

The City of Kemijärvi uses the Cloudia electronic procurement system for its procurement.

Cloudia Bidding Service

The tender service also includes small purchases from the City of Kemijärvi.

Through these services, the City of Kemijärvi announces ongoing tenders and tenderers can submit their tenders electronically. Existing calls for tenders can be viewed without a login in the Calls for Tenders section. Without IDs, you can see the call title, the call description and the deadline for submission of tenders. Tenderers must register in order to submit a tender. Once registered, the supplier can download the invitation to tender and related documents to his computer, ask questions about the invitation to tender, read the answers to the questions and submit the tender electronically. Registration is free of charge and you will receive a user ID immediately upon registration.