Contact information for Kemijärvi Community College

On this page you can find the opening hours and contact information of the Kemijärvi Community College.


The office of the Kemijärvi Civic Education Centre is located in Kemijärvi at
Vapaudenkatu 8 A,98100 Kemijärvi (street level Sortteeri)

Opening hours

Our office is open Monday – Thursday 9.00-11.00 and 13.00-15.00
no customer service on Friday.


The Civic Education Centre’s customer service number
040 845 4166

The Kemijärvi Community College course shop is open 24 hours a day at

Civic education email

Personal email addresses:

Civic Education staff

College administration, development, financial and personnel matters, teacher selection
Heidi Laukkanen, tel. 040 484 2079

Design teacher
crafts, hard materials, woodworking, classrooms
Jukka Haavisto, tel. 040 822 9325

crafts, arts, music
Heli Björkman, tel. 040 193 3968

Office secretary
course registrations, course invoicing, sport, dance
Mari-Anne Mourujärvi, tel. 040 845 4166

Project worker-trainer
course-registrations, communication, IT, languages
Pirjo Korkalainen, tel. 040 185 8952

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