Kemijärvi City Council Question Time 29.4.2024 at 16-17

Kemijärven kaupungintalo

Kemijärvi City Council Question Hour will be held today 29.4.2024 at 16 – 17 before the Council meeting in the Council Chamber, Hallituskatu 4.

According to the City of Kemijärvi’s administrative rules, councillors can ask the City Council short (max. 5 min) questions on administration and finances, sent in advance, during question time. Question Time is a public event before the Council meeting, chaired by the Chairman of the Council.

The city council answers questions in the order in which they are received, and the proposer has the right to ask two supplementary questions.

You can follow the Q&A session remotely via this link.

You can also follow the event on the spot in the Council Chamber, Hallituskatu 4.