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Tuija Kauppinen and her husband cycled almost 18 000 kilometres around South America. The book Joutilaita kilometrejä – bicycling through South America (Kirjapaja 2024) is the result of an adventure that lasted more than a year.

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Swinging Miles is about the South American way of life outside the known destinations. Deadly heat, winds that knock a cyclist over, endless climbs and embarrassing health problems don’t stop the couple from enjoying a life without a schedule. Along the way, they learn to tolerate a wide range of circumstances and discover new sides of themselves and each other.

This is an entertaining and thought-provoking travel book that looks at South America from a bicycle perspective. It’s an inspiring read for anyone interested in pushing themselves and making their dreams come true. For anyone planning their own bike trip, it offers useful information and practical tips.

Tuija Kauppinen is an experienced cycling traveller and a freelance journalist specialising in hiking in Rovaniemi. Tuija is not so much interested in gear and bike fancying as she is in the world around her behind the bar and what it does between her own ears.

The event will last about an hour and the public will have the opportunity to ask questions and buy a signed copy of the book (€25 cash or MobilePay).

The event is organised together with Kemijärvi Latu.

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Tuija pushing a bike in Atacama, in Chile.

Location: Library, Hietaniemenkatu 5, 98100 Kemijärvi, Finland