Veterinary care and emergency services

Veterinary services

The Environmental Health Service of Northeast Lapland is responsible for veterinary care in the Kemijärvi, Pelkosenniemi, Salla and Savukoski areas.

The veterinary care service is responsible for the basic health and medical care of all animals in the territory of the municipalities, for the tasks under the Animal Welfare Act, for the control of infectious animal diseases and for the organisation of emergency veterinary services. The purpose of animal protection is to protect animals from suffering, pain and distress and to promote animal welfare and good treatment.

There are five veterinarians, a surveillance veterinarian, a small animal nurse and an office secretary/veterinary assistant.


City Veterinarian Joonas Lehtola
Kallaantie 28, 98440 Kallaanvaara
tel. 040 145 8940
City Veterinarian Iina Oikarinen
Kallaantie 28, 98440 Kallaanvaara
tel. 0400 735 962
Small animal keeper Laila Pöyliö
Kallaantie 28, 98440 Kallaanvaara
tel. 040 842 7881
Veterinary Surveillance Veterinarian Mikaela Sauvala
Kinttalanpolku 4, 98900 Salla
tel. 0400 909 722
Municipal Veterinarian Virve Korhonen
Kinttalanpolku 4, 98900 Salla
tel. 040 847 8969
Municipal Veterinarian Kaisa Jääskeläinen
Kinttalanpolku 4, 98900 Salla
tel. 040 820 3093
Environmental Health Director/Municipal Veterinarian Hanna Nurmi
Uittotie 2, 98800 Savukoski
tel. 0400 392 136
All regions
Office Secretary/Veterinary Assistant Auli Leivo
Kauppakuja 2 A 1, 98800 Savukoski
tel. 040 5531900
Kemijärvi veterinary care staff

Veterinary on-call service

puh. 0600 19 699 (€1.19/min + pvm/mpm) weekdays 15-08, weekends and public holidays

The municipality must provide emergency veterinary care for all domestic animals permanently or temporarily present on its territory at all times of day and night. Outside office hours, the municipalities in the cooperation area and the veterinary surgeon on call can be reached centrally on 0600 19 699 (€1.19/min + p.m.).