Ski trails and running paths

All ski trails in the centre and Suomu, including signs, traffic signs, lighting and other equipment, are inspected and repaired in the autumn before the ski season starts.

Maintenance of the tracks is carried out by a snow plough. They are opened as soon as snow conditions allow and maintained for the spring as long as snow conditions allow.

The trails are run at least twice a week and after snowfall. Driving must be done by 10.00.

Latitude map Peurakangas (pdf)
The starting point is about 4 km from the city centre along the Sodankylänantie road, at the junction of Rovaniementie and Sodankylänantie road, about 800 m in the direction of Sodankylä on the left side of the road. There are 5, 10 and 15 km routes available. The tracks are suitable for both traditional and free style skiing. The tracks are not lit. There is a fireplace along the 5 and 15 km trails.

Latitude map Pöyliövaara (pdf).

The maintenance of the 3 km and 5 km racecourses has been discontinued. The 1 km of the racecourse has been lit. The illuminated track in Pitkävaara offers both traditional and free-style skiing. In summer, these Pöyliövaara-Pitkävaara trails are suitable for walking or pole walking and running, despite their difficulty.

Latitude map Särkikangas (pdf).

On the floodlit track, you can ski in a traditional and free style. In summer, the route is used for jogging, walking or pole walking.

Latitude map Sipovaara-Kallaanvaara (pdf).

AURINKOLATU circles the shores of Lake Pöyliöjärvi. It will be started in January and maintained by snowmobiles. The track is kept open from February to April depending on weather conditions. After snowfall and at other times, the trail is run twice a week, always by 10.00 am.

Maintenance of the solar path has been discontinued. (Update made on 26.4.2024.)

You can take your dog as a companion when you go skiing on the Sun Trail. However, the dog must be tied up and the owner must ensure that the dog does not cause any disturbance to other skiers. Dog droppings must also not be allowed on the track.

The tourist areas of Suomu and Pyhä-Luosto also have a large number of maintained ski slopes.

From Pöyliövaara there is a route to the Lintuniemi campfire site. There will be no trail base. See the location of the route on the map!

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Info on trail maintenance

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