Welcome to Kemijärvi!

The naturally beautiful Kemijärvi is located on the Arctic Circle, amidst clean water bodies and some of Lapland’s most stunning mountain resorts. In Kemijärvi you will find not only the peace and quiet of nature, but also a wide range of services and a rich cultural offer.

There are more than 7000 of us in Kemijärvi and the number of leisure residents is growing all the time.

Kemijärvi’s economic structure is broad-based and diversified. Our location is easily accessible. There is a direct train connection from Helsinki to Kemijärvi and an airport in Rovaniemi for those who need it.

We cooperate with a wide range of actors. Oma Business Kemijärvi Oy offers advisory services for both start-ups and continuing entrepreneurs.

Kemijärvi is a great place to work remotely. We are constantly investing in fast telecommunications connections, for example, and here you will find quiet workplaces where you can concentrate on your work.

In Kemijärvi, basic services work very well. The Lapponia Wellness Centre provides all basic health services and the new school campus brings together primary and secondary school pupils under one roof.

The City of Kemijärvi cooperates closely with various education and training providers. In addition to its own upper secondary school, it offers vocational education for young people and adults.

Early childhood education and care is provided by both the city’s own and private day-care centres. The homes for the elderly and disabled are located right in the city centre.

In your free time, Kemijärvi offers a wide range of things to do. Our cultural centre is an arena for music, film, dance and theatre. In addition, Kemijärvi has several museums, historical sites and annual events.

For sports lovers, there is the Poukama spa and swimming pool, a sports hall and an ice rink.

Here’s just a little taste of our city

Welcome to Kemijärvi!