Detailed zoning plans

A zoning plan is a detailed plan of what will be built on the site and how the site will otherwise be used. You must not build a building in contravention of the zoning plan. The zoning plan also sets out the names of streets, parks, open spaces and squares.

The city of Kemijärvi has a binding plot plan, which means that the building site must be registered in the land register as a separate plot before construction. The Land Surveyor’s Office carries out the parceling and registration of plots.

On-date map

The map server shows all other up-to-date maps except Sipovaara and Kallaanvaara.
They are available at the Office of Vitality Services at Vapaudenkatu 8 B, 3rd floor.

Pending zoning plans

Zoning plan amendment: blocks 4206, 7-13, 4214, 4215, 16-19, 27-31 and 40-46 of the 4th district, as well as parks, streets and the area for sports and recreational facilities (Pöyliövaara). The plan has no significant impact. The proposal phase ran from 1 April to 15 April 2014.

Participation and assessment plan

Available town and country plans

No plans available for viewing.


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