Maps, surveying and addresses

Map services, address books, land plots and real estate information system

The Kemijärvi Map Service is a public information server where you can view maps, aerial photographs and various destination information.

You can find real estate, buildings and addresses, for example. You can also print maps and measure distances and areas. For any questions regarding the map service, please contact

Border crossing
The Land Surveyor’s Office carries out the cadastral survey, i.e. the demarcation of property.

Site survey of the building
The site survey is carried out after the plinth has been poured. Orders:

Base map
The mapping system is the autocad-based YTcad software for land use planning and map management. Land use maintains a base map (dwg) consisting of several data elements: property boundaries, buildings, land patterns, traffic routes, elevation curves and municipal infrastructure, among others. To order base map data:

Basic fee for numerical material: 55 €/material.

Maps can be ordered from the National Land Survey:

Guide map, address names and address numbers
Housing and Environment is responsible for the municipal address system, assigning address numbers and names to buildings and properties. The new addresses are determined when the building permit is issued. Addresses in the Kemijärvi Map Service

Contact details for addresses:

Site plan
A plot plan is a plan of a building block, drawn on a map, which specifies the type of plots into which the building block is to be divided. A valid plot plan is required for construction in a zoning district and the building site must be registered in the land register as a separate plot before construction can take place.

Plot allocations are decided by the Economic Development Board. Contact:

Parceling of land
The plots are separated into independent properties in a parceling operation. The land parcelling and registration of land plots in the Kemijärvi area is carried out by the Land Surveyor’s Office

Real Estate Information System
The Real Estate Information System contains the Land Registry maintained by the Land Surveyor’s Office, which records, among other things, plots of land and other land and water areas as well as mortgages and mortgages on real estate.

To order extracts and certificates containing real estate data: