Streets and roads

Streets and light traffic routes

Illustration of the centre of Kemijärvi

The City of Kemijärvi Vitality Services designs, builds and maintains streets and light traffic routes in the city centre and in the Suomu and Pyhätunturi zoning areas.

There are 74 km of built roads in the central town, 13 km in Suomu and 11 km in Pyhätunturi. There are 18.5 km of light traffic routes, all in the city centre.

Winter care

The City of Kemijärvi’s Vitality Services ensure and enable safe mobility for residents in all circumstances. The objectives of the operation are the development of the maintenance service, fairness and reliability.

The winter maintenance of streets and footpaths follows a maintenance rating of 1-3, with a higher rating on busy streets, Street maintenance rating map (pdf).

The maintenance and cleaning of streets and light traffic routes is laid down by law (Act on the Maintenance and Cleanliness of Streets and Certain Public Areas), mainly as an obligation of the municipality, but certain obligations are also imposed on properties along the streets. The basic diagram shows the division of labour between the municipality and the property owner.

Under the same law, the removal of the ploughing furrow at the junction with the land is also the responsibility of the property owner.


Winter maintenance of the streets in the central city is carried out by the city’s engineering services and contractors. The city’s engineering services will carry out the ploughing of the streets in the city centre and the Särkikanka area. Peltoniemen Kone Oy will be responsible for ploughing the light traffic routes. Snow removal in the Karvako street areas is carried out by Peltoniemen Kone Oy (tel. 040 544 6810).

On weekends and public holidays, Peltoniemen Kone Oy carries out snow work in the above-mentioned areas.

The city’s machinery services will carry out the cutting of the above-mentioned areas and the de-slippage of the streets and light traffic routes in the area.

The streets of Halonen, Seinälkä, Pöyliövaara, Sipovaara and Kallaanvaara are part of the regional works, which are carried out by Peltoniemen Kone Oy. The tasks of the regional contracts include the comprehensive clearing, sanding, gritting, cutting and gritting of streets, light traffic routes and car parks. Contact person and fault reports Pasi Peltoniemi, tel. 040 544 6810.

All park paths in the city are cleared by the city’s engineering services.

Winter maintenance of the streets in the Suomutunturi planning area is carried out by the contractor Kone Yliräisänen Oy (tel. 040 534 1415).

Winter maintenance of the streets in the Pyhätunturi planning area is carried out by Alltime Property Services (tel. 050 475 0134).

Private roads

Winter care

The maintenance of private roads is the responsibility of the road maintenance company. During the winter season, the town council contributes to the maintenance of private roads by paying for winter road maintenance. The city puts out to tender the contractor for the snow ploughing of private roads in each region, valid for Private Roads 2023-2024. Application for snow ploughing grant Roads to be ploughed

Instead of winter ploughing, the road owners can apply for an annual financial subsidy from the city and carry out the winter ploughing themselves. The amount of the subsidy depends on the length of the road, according to the current rate. Application for a snow clearance grant for short private roads


The ELY Centres grant annual subsidies for the renovation of private roads eligible for state aid under the Private Roads Act (560/2018, § 83). Priority projects include the replacement or repair of bridges and large dams, as well as the repair of flood and frost damage.

Application forms and instructions for filling them in are available at

Public roads

The Lapland ELY Centre is responsible for the maintenance of public roads. Lapland ELY Centre invites tenders for contractors to maintain the public roads in each region. In the Kemijärvi area, public roads are managed by YIT. Reports of problems on public roads that endanger traffic can be reported to the Road User Line, tel. 0200 2100.

Road Safety Group

The task of the road safety team is to jointly plan, agree and implement various educational, awareness-raising and information measures to improve road safety. The aim of the road safety work is to reduce the number of people injured or killed on the roads in Kemijärvi. For more information on road safety and the working group, click here.

Road safety

Road safety objectives:

The aim of road safety work is to reduce the number of people injured or killed in traffic in Kemijärvi. Traditionally, measures to improve the safety of the traffic environment are reflected in improvements to the street environment carried out by the technical services. In addition to them, road users, whose daily actions have a significant impact on road safety, play a key role.

The tasks of the Road Safety Task Force:

The task of the working group is to jointly plan, agree and implement various educational, awareness-raising and information measures to improve road safety. The measures will aim to influence road safety awareness, attitudes and the recognition of the risks of personal mobility.

Specifically, the task of the Kemijärvi City Road Safety Task Force is to:

  • Carry out various road safety campaigns and events to respond to specific opinions, feedback and initiatives addressed to it.
  • highlight the road safety deficiencies they have identified and bring them to the attention of the responsible authorities
  • Monitor the road safety situation on an ongoing basis, including: accidents, groups of road users reached through campaigns and events, discussions in the media and the road safety experienced by residents.
  • Ensure that road safety is taken into account in all city activities
  • Provide city employees with sufficient information to enable them to integrate safety work into their normal work and to use their knowledge in their work with customers.

For more information:

Road Traffic Act
The overall reform of the Road Traffic Act has been completed and the new Road Traffic Act entered into force on 1 June 2020.

Here is a link to the Road Safety website.

Bug reports

You can report defects on streets and roads maintained by the City of Kemijärvi here.

Street lighting on-call service and fault reporting number 24/7 tel. 010 841 6903, HSK-Sähkö Oy. In case of street lighting faults, citizens are requested to contact the above emergency number of HSK-Sähkö Oy directly.