Tohmo village

The Kemijoki River, the largest and most beautiful in Finland. There it has flowed beneath the Tohmo dam since the Ice Age. It was the road, the power of the forest Sami. Goods, knowledge and civilisation travelled along it. And it was along it that the first Tohmo man passed in the 16th century. It was a good place to settle down.

The hosts chopped down trees, built pythons and ploughed the stone chamber. In autumn, the hill was dotted with yellow barley fields. The potato fields turned green. Cows grazed in the riverside meadows. Milk and meat came from cattle and reindeer. What a way to live.

But the sun doesn’t always shine. On more than one occasion, the inhabitants had to grab their most precious possessions and run away. First came the Russians with their raids and revenge, then came the harsh years of the World Wars.

Twice we had to gather the whole brood into a moving load and go on an evacuation trip. Today, Tohmo is a peaceful and pleasant place to live, right next to the town centre. All services are within reach after a few minutes’ drive. Employment is provided by the town’s own establishments, several engineering and transport companies, and the accommodation service. Vacant housing is available on the site of the former Border Guard Station.

Activities can be found either in the city centre or in the surrounding countryside. Fishing, hunting, berry picking, boating and hiking opportunities are all close to the village. In addition to Peurakka, there are well-maintained cross-country ski networks in the nearby mountain resorts.

Tohmo old school

The old school in Tohmo is one of the oldest schools in Kemijärvi and is currently in private use.

The village of Tohmo is located about 7 km north of the centre of Kemijärvi, along the road 5. The village includes the so-called Karvako area and the roadside of the settlement. The village is situated between the Kemijoki River and Lake Peltojärvi.

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