Transport services

City of Kemijärvi transport services

Routing services

The bus stops are located at the ABC station at the end of the road towards the pharmacy.
Matkahuolto -Agent Tel. 0600 113 00, tel. Pajulantie 2, 98100 Kemijärvi (map)

Tickets are available for purchase and use in the Routes and Tickets app. Read more

Möllärin Linjat Oy and Napapiirin taksi ja Bussipalvelu Oy also accept cash payments and payment cards on the lines.

The Routes and Tickets app works on your phone and allows you to buy tickets for the whole trip at once:

The season and serial tickets sold by Matkahuolto have moved from the travel baskets Routes and Tickets –
to the mobile app. The change was made to improve the customer experience, as most of the
customers value the ability to buy tickets in the app regardless of time and place, and
without going to a service point.

Matkahuolto’s season and serial ticket sales have moved to the free Routes and Tickets -mobile app in phases during spring 2023. For travel card sales ticket sales and downloads will be discontinued at stations, agents, R-kiosks and
buses on 30 June 2023, after which season and serial tickets will be available for purchase at other ticket outlets and ticket offices. tickets only on the Routes and Tickets app.

School travel tickets are also available from 18 July 2023. The app can be downloaded free of charge for Android and iOS devices from the app stores. At the same time, the old Bus Tickets app will be discontinued.

Connections to Suomutunturi 2023 – 2024 (Ruka, Kuusamo)

Connection from Kemijärvi railway station and bus station to Suomu and return connection from Suomu.

The morning/evening train services will be operated as a regular bus service. The train arrives from Helsinki to Kemijärvi at 8:50 and departs from Kemijärvi to Helsinki at 19:15. If the morning train is late, the transport will wait for the train to arrive max. 1hour. The timetables of the Kemijärvi to Kemijärvi and Kemijärvi from Kemijärvi routes should always be checked at See the timetable in the attachment below.

Kemijärvi-Kuusamo bus timetables
Kemijärvi-Kuusamo bus timetables

If a train is delayed, a bus service from Kemijärvi will wait up to 60 minutes.

Explanation: M-P; monday to friday. L = saturday, S = sunday x = via listed bus stop.

Local transport timetables:

summer timetables-2024.png
Kemijärvi summer local connection timetable

For other timetables, see the travel service timetables:

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What is service transport in Kemijärvi?

Kemijärvi service transport is a service from Kemijärvi villages / settlements to the centre of Kemijärvi by taxi, after the service there is a return transport according to the timetable, the purpose of service transport is to improve the accessibility of residents to basic services, e.g. banking, shopping, health insurance, health care, pharmacy, etc. A concession has been made to allow return transport from the city centre to the villages if there is space in the taxi.

Customers can place orders according to the service timetable by calling Sortteer’s service taxi on 040 751 7484. The taxi must be ordered by 14.00 the day before (Monday services on the previous Friday). The service is operated by Kemijärven Taksikeskus Oy.

A single order from a village or along the line for a scheduled service is enough to keep the bus running. If some lines do not receive any orders from villages or along the route, they will not be operated.

  • Scheduled services open to all on call and scheduled roads.
  • Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.
  • The operator is Kemijärven Taksikeskus Oy.
  • The driver will help you get into the car if necessary.
  • Schedules allow for a personalised service.
  • If necessary, the car can deviate slightly from the standard route.
  • Afternoon return transfers as scheduled.

Who can use service traffic?

  • Anyone can travel on the service.

How much does a trip cost?

  • The service charge is the same as the bus and coach fare.

How to get on a service?

  • You must book a taxi by 14:00 the day before by calling the service taxi number
    040 751 7484.

In the city of Kemijärvi:

The planning and management of intra-city public transport and transport services is the responsibility of Project Manager Ilkka Iso-Heiko, in cooperation with the Transport Task Force and the city’s contracted transport operators and drivers.

You can make suggestions to the project manager about public transport timetables, services and routes.

Project Manager
Ilkka Iso-Heiko
040 355 7381

Visiting address

Kuumaniemenkatu 2
98100 Kemijärvi

Postal address
City of Kemijärvi
Business Services
P.O. BOX 5
98101 Kemijärvi


Kemijärvi Taxi Centre:
0200 99300
The price of an on-demand phone call is:
1,17 €/call + pvm/mpm

See bus timetables on the Matkahuolto website:

By air:

Rovaniemi Airport and Kuusamo Airport are located just over an hour from Kemijärvi. Finnair and Norwegian fly to Rovaniemi. Finnair and SAS fly to Kuusamo.

By train:

For more information:

The train is a convenient way to get further afield. The night train from Helsinki to Kemijärvi takes you directly to the city centre in the morning. Carriages twice a week.

There is also a daily car train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. With a car on the train, the whole family can relax. After a good night’s sleep, the drive to Kemijärvi is another hour or so. Check the timetable for the car train on VR’s website.

Connections from the railway station:

Train connections from Kemijärvi railway station.


Train connections from Kemijärvi railway station.


Train connections from Kemijärvi railway station.

Kemijärvi-Kuusamo-Kemijärvi from 6.6.2022

Kemijärvi - Kuusamo -Kemijärvi train timetables
Kemijärvi-Kuusamo-Kemijärvi from 6.6.2022