Skating and sports fields

Pöyliövaara sports field

Winter season

The City of Kemijärvi maintains two skating rinks and two open-air skating rinks.

The skating rinks are located in the Pöyliövaara central sports area and in the yard of the former school in Isokylä. The ice skating rinks are located in Särkikankankaja behind the sports hall (Seminaari field) and in the city centre on the Ahvensalmen field.

The skating rinks are kept in good working order from December until spring. The length of the season varies depending on weather conditions.

The skating rinks will be operational for the winter of 2023-2024.

In addition to the freezing and snow removal of the fields, the areas are cleaned daily. In addition, equipment is checked once a week at the Pöyliövaara sports ground and the school ski slope is maintained at the Seminaar field.

Skating rink

The idea of participatory budgeting has led to the opening of a skating rink on 2.2.2024.

Backcountry skating is skating on natural ice. The starting point of the Kemijärvi ice skating rink is located near the fishing harbour at Riekkoniemi, Varastotie 24. The rink is about 900 metres long and is maintained on weekdays.

As the track is located on natural ice, the ice may be uneven. You move around the track at your own risk at all times. The rules of the track are available at the starting point. Please remember to read them carefully!

Summer season

The city maintains a sports field in Pöyliövaara.

The Pöyliövaara central sports field is managed during the summer:

  • Sandfields and boundary line marking
  • Artificial grass brushing and cleaning
  • Cutting the grass and marking the boundary lines
  • Checking the condition of equipment weekly
  • Daily cleaning of the area

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Location of fields on the map

Where did you find those sports fields and skating rinks? See the location of the fields on the Kemijärvi city map service