Swimming sites

Kemijärvi has been described as having beaches like the Riviera. In summer you can just sit back and let the sun warm you up! You can cool off in the bathing water, which has been rated as excellent quality.

In Hietaniemi, in the centre of Kemijärvi, there is a public beach at Lake Pöyliöjärvi. The beach has changing rooms and a summer café pavilion.

The Bathing Water Profile 2023 and the Monitoring Calendar 2023 for Lake Pöyliöjärvi beach. The Bathing Water Profile provides more detailed information on the location of the beach, the catchment area, the type of beach and also the quality of the bathing water.

Bathing water quality is monitored during the bathing season. The monitoring calendar provides more information on sampling. Bathing water sample results for the 2023 season are available as separate documents:

Swimming spots on the map

Find your nearest beach on the map of Kemijärvi.