The village of Oinaa forms a sub-village with Tapionniemi and Vuostimo on the west side of the river. Oinas is located on the east side of the Kemijoki River, about 30 km north of Kemijärvi. The village consists of a few dozen inhabited households, summer residences and some deserted houses. The village of Kalkiainen is also counted as part of Oinas. Oinaa is visited for work
Kemijärvi, but there are also a few farms and private entrepreneurs in the village.

The Aries-Kalkiainen Village Association is active in organising a wide range of activities, especially summer events, with the Aries school as a focal point. The 100-year-old village school has been renovated by the villagers over the years. In the summer of 2005, a new roof was put on and in the following years the school has been painted and the old log sauna has been moved to the beach and the courtyard building has been repaired. There is also an old kitchen building in the school yard which can be rented for accommodation.

It is possible to rent the Oinaan school for various events. The beach sauna is also available for hire.
Bus services between Aries and Kemijärvi run during the school year.