Vuostimo village

Vuostimo is the northernmost village of Kemijärvi and is located about 40 kilometres from the city centre. The village is set in a landscape of the fishy Kemijoki River, fields and hills. The village is located along the 5 road to Pelkosenniemi and Sodankylä.

At the village of Vuostimo in the Kemijoki River are Vuostimosaari, Sahasaari and Raudastensaari. The Pyhäjoki River flows into the Kemijoki above Vuostimosaari. The Sahantie road leading to Sahasaari is an old footpath of cultural and historical value.

When arriving from the south, the village of Vuostimo is seen as an integrated village with two farms bordering the fields and the Sodankylä road. The village also includes the reindeer, from which Vuostimo takes its name. The name Vuostimo is derived from a reindeer, or reindeer reindeer, in the vernacular. Like the reindeer, the Vuostimo people live according to the seasons in their own activities.

As winter sets in, the chopping of trees and the cultivation of fields and gardens begins on the very fertile land, and life moves outdoors. Fishing in the summer and berry picking and hunting in the autumn. Preparing for winter. The yearly cycle fills woodsheds, cellars and freezers. Resting the mind and doing things at one’s own pace, in other words, relaxing life, is mountain life at its best.

In winter, you can’t forget the Northern Lights, which blaze across the sky in a spectacular ribbon when you want them to. Street lights bring safety to those walking along the 5, but they do not take away the power of nature’s own light shows. Aurora borealis, snow glow and moonlight provide the illumination of the season.

Events traditionally include a fishing tournament in spring and a swimming competition in August. Other activities include a summer party in July to bring together past and present Vuostimo residents. In September there is a brown dance and always a Christmas market. There is also a 9-basket frisbee rink in Vuostimo, which is free for everyone to use.

There are companies offering cottage rental services and a company specialising in fishing tourism. There is also a taxi service. A summer flea market/café in the old village school is a good stopping point, where you can also find up-to-date information about events and activities in the village.

In Vuostimo there is a village hall, a well-maintained log building owned by a youth association. It can be used for parties and other events.

Fishing in Vuostimo villge