Master zoning plans

The master plan is the city’s overall land use plan. The master plan guides urban planning and the processing of building permits in sparsely populated areas.

Existing master plans

Räisälä-Haaparanta master plan

Nuolivaara wind energy plan


Pending master plans

Rokamo – Nälkämävaara

Suomen Voima Oy is drawing up a wind energy master plan for the Rokamo – Nälkämä area in the north-eastern part of the city. Decision of the Economic Development Board to draw up the master plan: 30.5.2023 § 70.

A participation and assessment plan has been drawn up for the draft plan, which is open to the public from 10 April to 10 May 2024:
Participation and assessment plan Rokamo-Nälkämä

The draft plan will be presented and discussed with the EIA assessment procedure in joint public meetings

  • Wednesday 24.4.2024 at 17.30 at Kemijärvi Town Hall (Hallituskatu 4)
  • on Thursday 25.4.2024 at 17.30 at Kursu Village Hall in Salla (Uutelantie 2 B).

Coffee service for public events starts at 17.00. It will also be possible to participate remotely. A link to the participation form will be published on the Kemijärvi City website

Any comments and opinions on the plan must be submitted no later than 10.5.2024 to or Kemijärvi City Registry Office P.O. Box 5 98101 Kemijärvi.

Centre – Pöyliö – Särkikangas – Sipovaara master plan

Decision to draw up the master plan: technical committee 20.2.2013.

The plan is partly drawn up as a legally effective general plan for the coastal areas, in accordance with Section 72 of the Land Use and Building Act. The area covered by the legally binding general plan will be specified in the course of the planning process.
Participation and assessment plan

Soppela-Berginperä-Ruuhiperä-Porovaara master plan amendment

– for the property Lammintörmä 320-403-49-10 in Kotalahti and on the shores of Iso-Marjalampi
– property 320-878-1-0 in the village of Soproda, in the common area of the parish.

Kallioranta-Ailanganlahti-Tossanlahti master plan amendment

– on the property Lisä-Malmberg 320-403-286-3 in Hiekkaniemi