Animal welfare

As a rule, a veterinary surgeon does not carry out patient practice, but only official duties, the most important of which is animal welfare supervision. When the supervising veterinarian is not the veterinarian responsible for the medicine and treatment of the animals, the potential client relationship does not slow down or mitigate the supervisor’s efforts to address potential animal welfare problems.

If you suspect that an animal is being mistreated, report it to a vet. In the first instance, email In urgent cases, call the control veterinarian Mikaela Sauvala tel. 0400 909 722, if you cannot reach her, call other veterinarians in the area, the emergency number 0600 19 699 (€1.19/min + pvm) during office hours (weekdays 15-08, weekends and public holidays) or the police.

Please include the name of the object, the exact address or a map link, a telephone number if known and a brief description of the situation.

The existence of a surveillance veterinarian frees up the time of other municipal veterinarians for preventive health care, which improves animal welfare more than tackling problems that have already arisen. The control veterinarian will have time to regularly monitor activities subject to notification and licensing, and to advise animal owners on how to improve animal welfare.

Preventive control is the best way to achieve the aim of the Animal Welfare Act to protect animals from suffering, pain and distress.

Animal welfare notifications


In urgent cases, tel. 0400 909 722 and during on-call hours on 0600 19 699 (1,19 eur/min + pvm).