Markets and parks

Illustration of the tower roof in Kemijärvi


There are two markets in the centre of Kemijärvi: Taivaan tulien square and Kuumaniemi market. Taivaan tulien Square is located along Jaakonkatu and is the main focus of various events.

The actual market, or Kuumaniemi market, is located along Kuumaniemenkatu. No summer without market coffee and mason jars, right?

Prices of parking spaces from 1.6.2023 onwards

Board 4.5.2023 § 59, prices include VAT 24 %

Weekly place, five (5) days 50,00 €
Shop truck, one (1) day 10,00 €
Market places, spring, 3 pv 85,00 €
Marketplaces, Autumn, 2 pv60,00 €
Fairgrounds and circuses, field, 1 day150,00 €

Kemijärvi market

The Kemijärvi market is traditionally held twice a year at Kuumaniemi Market.
The spring market is 26-28.3.2024 and the autumn market is 25-26.9.2024.

Booking a place in the gate:
Cooperative Uurto tel. 040 140 9212

Carpet cleaning

In Taiteilijaniemi there is a public carpet washing area on the banks of the Kemijoki River. The carpet washing area has steel washbasins and a carpet drying mankel with drying racks. Washing water is pumped from the Kemijoki River and waste water is discharged into the sewerage system.

You can find the exact location on the Kemijärvi Map Service under Services -> Housing and Environment -> Parks and green areas


There are around 90 hectares of parks in the city centre. For example, the Kuumalampi Outdoor Park, with its well-maintained trails and arch bridges, is a popular destination for visitors and outdoor recreation.

Especially in the summer, it’s worth a visit to Elinkaarparkisto, which is located right in the centre of Kemijärvi. The park has equipment for strength training, exercise equipment for the elderly and a playground for children. Also in the immediate vicinity is the children’s sports park at Hillatie school. Everybody, come and play sports!


Playgrounds can be found in the Kemijärvi map service under Services -> Sports and outdoor activities -> Playgrounds

Playgrounds in the courtyards of city-owned properties are part of the property management area.

Dog park

In the Kuumalampi park area in the city centre harbour, there is a fenced dog park where dogs are allowed to run free. There is also a table and benches in the park. Location on map .

Crop columns

Tickling the green tickler? Unleash your farming passion in your own column! Uurto Cooperative is responsible for the Kemijärvi plots. See the location of the Kuumalampi plots on the map: map service of Kemijärvi -> Services -> Housing and environment

Contact details:

Municipal Engineering Supervisor
Aleksi Säynäjäkangas
040 168 3093

Bug reports

You can report a fault or suggest a measure concerning the markets and parks maintained by the City of Kemijärvi by clicking on the link: fault reports, streets and roads