Control plan and fees

The specific legislation on environmental health requires municipalities to draw up and adopt an environmental health monitoring plan for regular monitoring so that the monitoring is of high quality, regular and preventive.

Environmental health is part of preventive public health work, which aims to promote the health of the individual, the population and the living environment and to prevent illness and accidents.

The environmental health control plan must include plans for food control, health protection control, tobacco control and veterinary control.

Regular monitoring under the environmental health monitoring plan is subject to a fee for operators. The City of Kemijärvi shall charge the supervision fees in accordance with its approved fee schedule.

Municipal environmental health control authorities must charge operators a fee in accordance with the approved tariff for inspections, sampling and analysis of samples included in the control plan. The processing of notifications, approval of the site and monitoring of non-compliance are also subject to a fee. In contrast, the investigation of outbreaks and suspected cases of health hazards is carried out at the expense of the municipality.

Monitoring plan for 2020-2024, updated 2023 (10.2.2023 § 15)

Fees for environmental health care (19.12.2023 § 101)