Snowmobile routes and tracks

There are about 200 km of official snowmobile trails maintained by the city of Kemijärvi. The snowmobile trails are marked and surfaced trails, which are maintained with snowmobile equipment. Signposting, bridges, road signs and other equipment are checked in the autumn and any deficiencies are corrected before the start of the sledging season.

The Pyhä route connects to the Pyhä-Luosto area and on to Sodankylä, Pelkosenniemi and Savukoski. The Suomu route connects to Salla and from there to Ruka and Kuusamo. The Rovaniemi route has connections to Rovaniemi.

The snowmobile route from the Rovaniemi border via the centre of Kemijärvi to Finland is part of the international White Sea Snowmobile Route, which starts in northern Sweden and runs through Finnish Lapland to Alakurtti in Russia.

To access the 2024 programme of skating trails, click on this link: skating trails programme 2024

For more information:

Sledging routes on the city map service

You can find the sledging routes on the city’s map service or at

Snowmobile trails on the map

The snowmobile trails have also been updated on the map of Kemijärvi.

Road safety snowmobiling tips

On the Road Safety Snowmobile website, you can find tips on safety and also general information on snowmobile rules.