Health monitoring

The Northeast Lapland Environmental Health Service is responsible for the supervision, advisory and inspection tasks required by the Health Protection, Food, Tobacco and Medicines Acts in Kemijärvi, Pelkosenniemi. Salla and Savukoski.

The aim of public health surveillance is to provide a safe and healthy living environment for residents. The emphasis is on preventive action. There are a total of three health inspectors in the Joint Action area.

The Health Inspectors’ offices are currently located in Kemijärvi, Vapaudenkatu 8 A (2nd floor). If necessary, an appointment can be made by phone or e-mail to the Salla office, Kinttalanpolku 4.

Further information:


Chief Health Inspector
Elina Kostamovaara
Vapaudenkatu 8 A (2nd floor)
98100 Kemijärvi
tel. 040 765 4378
Health inspector
Heikki Puumalainen Vapaudenkatu 8 A (2nd floor)
98100 Kemijärvi
tel. 040 189 3944
The Deputy Health Inspector
Josefiina Viljanen
Vapaudenkatu 8 A (2nd floor)
98100 Kemijärvi
tel. 040 505 8800
Contact details for the Health Inspectorate

Food Authority

For more information on food sector guidelines and current issues, visit the Food Authority’s website

Oiva monitoring data

You can access the control reports of food businesses on the Oiva website. The search function works best in Chrome browser.