The village of Joutsijärvi is located about 30 kilometres from Kemijärvi in the direction of Kuusamo and Salla. The village is located along the Käsmänjoki river and has about 90 permanent residents. Summer cottage dwellers come to colour the landscape during their holidays.

Suomu’s ski slopes and ski trails are located about 20 kilometres from Joutsijärvi village towards Kuusamo. Sallatunturi is about 50 km away and Ruka about 120 km.

The village has an interesting wartime history. The Russians were stopped at Mäntyvaara and there is the Mäntyvaara battle memorial.

The village is also home to five concrete coffins of the Salpa station, built during the inter-peace period, one of which has been restored as a bunker museum and is open to the public. The bunker houses a display of wartime artefacts.

In the yard of Eino Kelloniemi’s estate, on the field canvas, stands the Ice Bear stone vase, a memorial to the two thousand-strong German community.

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